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My First Year in Recruitment

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​Every other professional in the United Kingdom is in recruitment. It is a crowded and low barrier to entry competitive market that leads over half of start-ups to close within 18 months. What makes a recruitment firm stand-out in such a competitive space? What has made Tempting Talent go from good too great to excellent? Vertical. Team. Management.

I joined Tempting Talent knowing that the key people within the firm were experienced professionals with exceptional business development and candidate generation experience. Most importantly, they were working in an un-tapped space, providing a premier solution that had no general market competition. Each member of our team is tasked to be collaborative, to challenge themselves, and learn each day to become the best recruitment consultant professional that they can be.

As a Rec2Rec consultant specialized in the U.S. Market, I spend my time headhunting senior level direct-hires and building client relationships with new businesses. In January of 2019, I spent a week travelling from London to New York visiting our clients and in-process candidates. This quarterly trip, almost acting as a perk, is an exceptional way to build better relationships and to further establish myself in the industry. At Tempting Talent, we dream big, but we act. We work hard to delivery for our candidates and clients and work tirelessly to be the best talent solution in the United States.

As I continue my career at Tempting Talent, I feel comfortable knowing that I am in an excellent space, have a voice, and am part of building an excellent culture that is fun and ambitious in nature.

A year ago, never did I believe that I would be working on acquisition advisory for international and LSE-listed recruitment clientele; nor did I ever imagine placing senior leadership within market leading boutique executive search firms. Admittedly, I may have fallen into recruitment, but I know now that it is exactly what I want to do, and Tempting Talent is taking me exactly where I want to be.