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Talent Insight & Discovery

Tempting Talent’s discovery audit services enable businesses to evaluate current practices so they can develop and deploy roadmaps for improvement. The Company provides a complete audit and assessment of:

Agency partnerships: The Company audits existing partners to ensure these agencies are delivering what the business needs effectively and cost-efficiently

Key person risk: Tempting Talent works with key members of the management team to independently identify key person risks and build a talent profile based on the current composition of the team, hiring history, and onboarding practices.

Quality: The Company completes a comprehensive review of hiring practices and talent retention to identify issues and areas where improvement can lead to better hiring outcomes.

Efficiency: As agencies operate over time, policies that were implemented in the past may no longer make sense for the future. Agencies need to assess the big picture of their policies against their longterm objectives to pare down where needed and implement new policies where appropriate. Tempting Talent provides an objective assessment of policies and practices to help agencies reassess and restructure to improve efficiency.

Spend: A thorough spending analysis is not always about reducing costs (though cutting the fat out of budgets is a welcome end game); it can provide insight for agencies to spend more effectively. The Company analyzes agencies’ recruitment budgets, staffing costs, and other expenses to identify