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Our Values

Partnership Obsessed

We are focussed on building and growing long-term partnerships with our clients, candidates and employees. We do this through embedded solutions for clients, adding consistent value to our candidate community and investing capital in our clients, candidates and employees to grow businesses.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

A growing value in our company, our goal is to make Tempting Talent a destination employer for everyone from any diverse background. We need to walk-the-walk before we talk-the-talk, so we are focussed on excellence in our own business before rolling out best practice to our candidates and clients.

Take Ownership

If we say we’ll do something, we do it. Whether that’s our commitment to ourselves, our team or our clients or candidates - we stick to our word. If we forget, we’re honest, apologise and resolve the situation quickly.

Always Think Bigger

We’ve had to keep raising the bar since we started Tempting Talent, and we back our employees that have the courage to think big and take ownership of their ideas. We ensure that nothing gets in the way without good reason.

Simplicity & Transparency

We value consistent, clear and open communication with our clients, candidates and employees. Our goal is to keep our business as simple as possible internally and externally to ensure maximum focus on the value we can add to our clients and candidates.