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Where Will Recruitment Take You?

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​Recruitment is a sales job, and like politicians, bankers and estate agents, we’re don’t feature particularly high on the list of favourite people, however as passionate recruiters we believe there are a number of reasons that being a recruiter and part of this industry is awesome, and here our Tempting Talent Top 5:

1. Freedom & Independence

Working in recruitment requires a great amount of ‘self-start’ attitude, and with that comes control over what our days and weeks look like. Being in sales, once you know your targets and understand the key inputs that you need to deliver to achieve them – the rest is literally up to you!

Once you’ve become a master of your market, you’ll be rewarded with huge amounts of freedom to try new initiatives and capitalize on new opportunities.

2. Money

You really do have control over your earnings. The more candidates you place, the more commission you earn and the quicker you become recognized internally and externally as a specialist. If you work hard, do the right things and focus on the inputs then the rewards will come.

3. Always learning

As a recruiter, you get to work with lots of different people, all with different skills and values. From CEO’s and business leaders, right through to graduate looking for their first role, the variety in your days and weeks can be extraordinary and this means that there is always something new to be learned.

The transferrable skills that come from a career in recruitment are exceptional. From stake holder management and networking to building long term relationships and the ability to prioritize workloads- regardless of where recruitment takes you these skills will come in super handy!

4. It’s rewarding

We’ve mentioned money, but the rewards in recruitment come in many other forms – such as the buzz you get from securing your candidate a great role, and your client a great candidate. You’ll also get to work with like-minded people every day in environments that are engaging and set up for success; the industry also comes with lots of perks!

From flexible working, to sales incentives for trips abroad and top brunches and lunches right through to being able to lead and manage a team based on what you’ve done and what you’ve achieved.

5. Career Stability & Global Opportunities

The industry is heavily saturated, but this hasn’t restricted the for great recruiters. From fast progression to principal, manager and director right through to the chance to travel the world, working from new and exciting locations. What’s really awesome about this industry is that it rewards and recognizes hard work and knows the importance of moving forward and looking for more!