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Team Build - Staffing Investment Fund

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​​Client Overview

A UK-based Staffing Investment Fund with a successful life sciences company sought to expand its business into the US market, aiming to open an office in Tampa, Florida, recognizing the city as a promising location amongst the staffing industry.

Scope and Objectives

The client initially approached Tempting Talent to find a Head of US for their existing life sciences company. However, after understanding Tempting Talent’s expertise within Life Science and Healthcare staffing, the decision was made to not only expand the UK firm but to launch two independent firms in the US, necessitating the creation of two dedicated teams. One life science staffing business and a healthcare staffing business.


  • Experience - Leaders with a minimum of 5 years of experience in staffing.

  • Local talent - All positions would be in-office or hybrid.

  • Creating a culture - Emphasis on building a positivity and collaboration.

  • Strong track record – Candidates that can hit the ground running.


Tempting Talent started the search by mapping the local market, understanding competitors in the field as well as active and passive talent who may be open to a new role.

Targeted outreach through Tempting Talent’s immediate network of professionals as well as Linkedin generated a shortlist of potential candidates who would be qualified, assessed and sent to the client. Throughout this process, local industry experts known to Tempting Talent provided insights into the local staffing industry.

Once candidates were selected to interview, Tempting Talent devised and organized a bespoke hiring process of three stages which included two video calls and an in person interview at local shared working spaces.

Throughout the process, Tempting Talent addressed challenges related to compensation, non-competes, logistics of day to day working life at a startup and interpersonal compatibility within the envisioned team.


​Candidates Sent: 50

Interview Process: 30 candidates

Placements: 7

Life Sciences Firm:

  • Head of Business Development

  • Business Development Manager

  • Business Development Executive

Healthcare Firm:

  • Head of Delivery

  • Head of Business Development

  • Business Development Manager

  • Head of Compliance

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