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Associate - Product & Engineering, Executive Search

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Client Overview

A reputable firm specializing in providing executive search services to companies within the cloud ecosystem. Their focus primarily lies in identifying and recruiting top-tier talent for Go-To-Market (GTM) and Product/Engineering executive roles.


The client aimed to expand its Product Engineering practice to meet rising demand in a booming market. Their objective was to add junior-level support to an already well-established practice while maintaining its high standards of quality and selectivity amongst its employees. An urgent hire to capitalize on the current market conditions. The position was West Coast-based, emphasizing the importance of proximity to their San Francisco Bay Area office to facilitate exposure to the practice and network. In addition, extra-curriculars would be important and inform the client of interests and a candidate's goals and personality outside of work.


Conducting research to map the competitive landscape and identify where potential candidates and partners had previously worked established a core talent pool from which to target the search.

A focus on recruiting talent exclusively from top firms located on the West Coast would ensure candidates were qualified through years of experience and exposure to the industry.

Simultaneously, Tempting Talent leveraged its network of Product Engineering partners to gain referrals and insights into prospective candidates. Throughout qualifying a short list, Tempting Talent crafted specific qualifying questions that extended beyond the role to seek candidates with competitive spirits outside of work.


Within one month, the client successfully executed their plan and achieved the following outcomes:

The client successfully hired a Junior Associate, previously a Sales Analyst, who possessed one year of experience in delivery. Their previous experience in designing and refining sales team processes and onboarding procedures within Executive Search and exposure to Execution made for a highly desirable candidate. Although he had limited prior search experience, he was eager to make the transition. Their role covered various aspects of the Executive Search Business, including business development support and research and qualification of potential candidates. His goal was to shift towards execution and a 360-degree approach to executive search. The candidate's background aligned perfectly with the demands of the executive search market. His experience in early-stage equity-backed executive search and functional expertise made him a valuable addition to the team.

This search was conducted by Jamie Thompson. Contact Jamie to establish how he can help you with your hiring initiatives.

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