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Consultant - Global Executive Search Practice

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Client Overview

A New York-based Global Executive Search Practice specializing in Private Equity was seeking to expand its team with a qualified consultant.


The client aimed to capitalize on growth opportunities within the high-performing asset classes they specialized in, all while integrating the selected candidate into their pre-existing team. The candidate would possess a minimum of 3 years of relevant private equity search experience, a strong track record, and a desire to work from their New York office.

Furthermore, the client had a strong preference for candidates from a prestigious SHREK Firm, making the search particularly challenging. A strong cultural fit would be preferred to ensure a seamless transition in to an already established team.


Tempting Talent meticulously tackled the client's demanding needs. They began with a thorough market analysis to pinpoint candidates matching the client's criteria. Evaluations of candidates' backgrounds ensured they possessed vital private equity search experience and a track record of success.

Recognizing the client's unique prerequisites, Tempting Talent engaged in proactive headhunting, reaching out directly to individuals with the exact skill set and experience sought. Leveraging their extensive network and talent pools in the private equity sector yielded promising candidates.

Tempting Talent conducted detailed discussions and negotiations with each candidate, representing the client's interests and aligning candidates with their career goals. Given the search's selectivity, managing client expectations and explaining the search complexities was essential for success.


In total, Tempting Talent submitted 10 highly qualified candidates to the client, each meticulously vetted and possessing the requisite experience and skills.

Interview Success: All 10 submitted candidates were interviewed by the client, reflecting the precision with which Tempting Talent identified suitable candidates.

The meticulous approach adopted by Tempting Talent resulted in a successful outcome: Ultimately, the Practice successfully placed a consultant who met all of the client's criteria.

This search was conducted by Charles Woolcott. Contact Charles to establish how he can help you with your hiring initiatives.