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Head of Talent - PE Backed Financial Wellbeing Software Platform

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​​Client Overview

A Private Equity backed financial well-being software platform that specializes in financial technology and human resources solutions. Assists organizations across the United States in promoting financial wellness and enhancing business performance by providing employees with the ability to access their earned wages.


​The client was referred to Tempting Talent by its Venture Capital partner who had previously used Tempting Talent’s services. The company had recently made a strategic investment in a new company and was preparing for a significant growth phase. In anticipation of doubling their headcount within the next 12 months, the client recognized the need to establish an in-house talent function. Their key objectives were to reduce agency spend, enhance employer branding, streamline hiring processes, and improve overall candidate experience. This would start with sourcing a Head of Talent Acquisition.


Talent Talent initiated a comprehensive solution to address the client's talent needs:

  1. Defining the Role and Candidate Profile: Working closely with the client to establish a clear scope for the Head of Talent role, determining the type of candidate required and the appropriate salary range. Tempting Talent’s consultancy helped refine the role's responsibilities and expectations.

  2. Direct Partnership with CFO: Recognizing the urgency of the hire, Tempting Talent partnered directly with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to ensure alignment between the finance and talent functions.

  3. Strategic Headhunting: Leveraging its extensive network and talent pools, Tempting Talent employed a targeted headhunting approach, segmenting potential candidates based on their subfunctional skills, ensuring that each candidate brought the specific expertise needed to succeed in the role.

  4. Tech Stack Integration: Tempting Talent integrated its technology stack to efficiently manage candidate profiles, track progress, and optimize the hiring process.


Within a week, Tempting Talent presented a shortlist of potential candidates to expedite the hiring process.

A strategic approach yielded exceptional results for the client:

  • Screened over 100 Professionals: Meticulously evaluated a broad pool of professionals to identify the best fit for the role.

  • Long List of 10 Candidates: After a rigorous screening process, identified 10 promising candidates who met the client's criteria.

  • Shortlisted 6 Candidates: Narrowed down the list further, presenting the client with six highly qualified individuals for final consideration.

  • Swift Time-to-Hire: Despite the aggressive timeline, successfully completed the hiring process within one month, ensuring the client had a Head of Talent in place to support their growth initiatives.

  • Head of Talent Placed: Ultimately, placed a highly skilled and experienced Head of Talent who was well-equipped to build and lead the client's talent function.

This search was conducted by Charles Woolcott. Contact Charles to establish how he can help you with your hiring initiatives.