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Managing Director - Multi Sector Search and Staffing Firm

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​​Client Overview

A multi-sector staffing firm specializing in both contingent and executive search services.


The client's previous managing director was retiring, necessitating the search for a new leader to steer the company forward. The client had several critical requirements for this leadership role:

  • Strong existing book of business

  • Cultural fit within the organization

  • Well-networked within the staffing industry

  • Ambitious and driven

  • Prior management experience

  • Willingness to work in-office, with a specific location requirement in Manhattan


Market Mapping: The recruitment process began with an extensive market mapping exercise to identify local talent in the Manhattan area. This involved researching potential candidates with relevant senior experience in the staffing and search industries.

From the pool of candidates who expressed interest, six were shortlisted for further qualification and interviews. One highly suitable candidate was sourced from Tempting Talent's immediate network and presented to the client for consideration. They successfully proceeded to the interview stage.

Throughout the process, the recruiting team arranged meetings for the candidate with nine individuals at the client's organization to ensure that the selected candidate would be a cultural fit and meet specific requirements.

The candidate received an offer, and during the negotiation stage, the candidate received five competing offers from different search firms. Tempting Talent worked to ensure their client would be the first choice for the candidate and a far superior opportunity. A sign-on bonus was offered to secure their commitment, and a package was crafted to exceed the candidate's expectations.


The candidate accepted the offer and expressed great satisfaction with the terms. They agreed to start their new role with the client, and their employment commenced the following month.

This search process was successfully completed within a timeframe of one month. The client achieved their goal of identifying a new managing director with a strong book of business, the right cultural fit, extensive industry connections, and the ambition to lead the firm. The entire process was efficiently managed, culminating in the candidate's acceptance of a generous package and their readiness to start the new role on the designated start date.

Tempting Talent will lead the build out of the Managing Directors’ Quant and Systematic Technology Recruitment team, starting with 3 senior recruitment roles.

This search was conducted by Sam Norris. Contact Sam to establish how he can help you with your hiring initiatives.