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Sr. Vice President - Expanding a European VC-backed Recruitment Firm

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​​Client Overview

A European Venture Capital backed Technology recruitment firm specializing in SAP and HRIT staffing and executive search services, with a strong European presence.


The firm aimed to establish a presence in the United States, expanding its current brand to new markets in the states, to leverage booming tech markets. They required a senior leader with significant experience in recruitment sales, particularly in SAP, ERP, HRIT or Microsoft recruitment.

The ideal candidate needed to have over six years of experience in a leadership position and fit within a specified budget. Additionally, the firm saw this as an opportunity for the selected candidate to start their own business and build and nurture a team.


Tempting Talent, took on the challenge of finding the right candidate. The search process was structured by geographical regions, focusing on areas with established or emerging tech hubs such as New York, California, North Carolina, Texas, and Florida.

Tempting Talent shortlisted candidates with the required skillsets, leadership experience, and specific expertise that aligned with the firm's recruitment verticals. After qualifying relevant candidates, multiple interview rounds were coordinated with senior leadership at the recruitment firm and venture fund to assess the shortlisted candidates' suitability.

Tempting Talent partnered closely, aligning their efforts with the client's goals and vision for the role.


The recruitment process concluded with the successful appointment of a Senior Vice President to lead the office build-out in West Palm Beach, Florida. This individual possessed the necessary qualifications, including over eight years of experience in senior sales and expertise in tech recruitment. The recruitment process was completed in less than two months, exceeding the client's expectations.

The success of this endeavor resulted in a long-lasting partnership between the VC Firm and Tempting Talent. The Venture Fund continues to rely on Tempting Talent's services for their recruitment needs in the United States. This case highlights the effectiveness of a well-structured and targeted recruitment strategy in enabling a European VC firm to expand successfully into the competitive US tech market, securing a key leadership role to spearhead their operations.

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