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VP of Talent Acquisition - Growth Equity Fund

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​​Client Overview

The client, an $80 million assets under management (AUM) growth equity fund based in New York and San Francisco.


The fund approached Tempting Talent with a scope to address its talent acquisition challenges and enhance internal hiring processes by appointing a VP of Talent Acquisition. The client sought a more strategic approach to recruitment:

Client's Objectives:

  1. Appoint a VP of Talent Acquisition to lead internal hiring.

  2. Enhance and optimize the talent acquisition process.

  3. Improve employer branding and attract top talent.

  4. Develop a cohesive campus recruiting strategy.

  5. Conduct senior hires for the finance team.

Client's Ideal VP of Talent Acquisition:

The client was looking for a candidate with the following qualifications and skills:

  1. Experience in creating, driving, and optimizing recruitment strategies.

  2. Ability to work effectively with senior stakeholders to produce tangible results.

  3. Exposure to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives and strategy.

  4. A minimum of 8 years of experience in financial services recruitment.

  5. Location preference for New York or San Francisco.


Tempting Talent devised a comprehensive solution to address the client's requirements:

  • Candidate Pipeline Development: Meticulously compiled a pipeline of 73 potential candidates with backgrounds in investment funds or investment banks. This was achieved through a combination of market mapping and referral-based introductions.

  • Deep Assessment and Calibration: To ensure the candidates met the client's expectations, Tempting Talent conducted in-depth assessments and used a scoring card that aligned with the client's objectives. The criteria included experience in recruitment strategy, stakeholder management, DEI exposure, and financial services expertise.

  • Support throughout the Interview Process: Assisted the client at every stage of the interview process, providing guidance and support to both the client and the candidates.


Tempting Talent’s Search led to impressive results:

  • Presented 14 carefully selected candidates to the client, all of whom closely matched the desired criteria.

  • 8 of these candidates proceeded to the interview stage, indicating the high quality of the candidates in the pipeline.

  • After the final interviews, 3 candidates were deemed suitable for the role, showcasing Tempting Talent’s ability to source top talent in the financial services sector.

  • Ultimately, 1 candidate was hired as the VP of Talent Acquisition, aligning perfectly with the client's goals and vision for their talent acquisition strategy.

This search was conducted by Rob White. Contact Rob to establish how he can help you with your hiring initiatives.