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Sam Norris

  • Principal Consultant - Professional & Financial Services Recruitment

Sam's journey is one of resilience and determination, marked by a diverse array of experiences that have shaped the person he is today. At the age of 16, Sam embarked on a remarkable decade-long military career, demonstrating his commitment to service and duty. This early chapter in his life instilled in him discipline, leadership skills, and a sense of purpose.

Transitioning into civilian life, Sam found a new calling in staffing recruitment. With a keen eye for talent and a strategic mindset, he quickly established himself in the Professional and Financial Services sector. Sam's ability to connect with individuals and match them with opportunities, fuelled by effective client relationships building allowed him to thrive in this competitive field.

Through hard work and dedication, Sam steadily ascended the company ladder. Currently, he holds a managerial position, overseeing a dynamic team in his market. His leadership style is characterized by a balance of mentorship and empowerment, creating an environment where each team member can flourish.

Outside of the professional realm, Sam finds joy and fulfilment in a variety of activities. An avid sports enthusiast, he has a passion for golf, skiing, rugby, mountaineering and boxing. These pursuits not only reflect his physical prowess but also his love for challenges and pushing boundaries.

However, Sam's priorities extend beyond the adrenaline of sports. Family and friends hold a special place in his heart, and he cherishes the time spent with them. Whether it's a weekend getaway or a simple gathering, Sam values the bonds he has cultivated throughout his life.